Online Live Casino 2023

Playing at online casino has never been as popular and great as it is today. More and more players are discovering all these great benefits that come with playing online, compared to playing at a traditional casino.

The welcome bonus is such an absolute crystal clear advantage to play in the online casino. It is not very likely that you will get a lot of euros, sometimes hundreds, for the reason that you only decide to enter a physical casino.

An online casino is always open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can play when it suits you, in other words, you never have to take several hours into account when playing online.

Of course, there are also many other advantages when playing in an online casino than a regular casino in the country. For example, you don’t have to go that far if you want to play your favorite game at a casino.

Instead, you can enjoy playing where you are at the moment, via the computer, or alternatively, a tablet or mobile phone.

What is a live casino?

Another revolutionary item that has only been added in recent years and has completely taken over the entire casino world is the addition to play live casino. If you’ve never heard of this, fear not, we’ll be happy to explain it to you here.

One could say without much exaggeration that the video slots and other slot machines still dominate the online casino market. But these have also been present at the casinos for a long time. Live casino has become very popular in a few years.

Today you can find a live casino everywhere, in almost every online casino you can find one. An online casino that does not offer this to its players at a minimum should automatically be considered slightly old-fashioned and a bit suspicious.


In a live casino you will find the classic games such as roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat. You will find real dealers in a live casino, with real tables playing against you, it is actually just like in a casino, but from your own armchair.

You can access the live casino simply by signing up and choosing the game. A chat function allows you to talk to the dealer, and sometimes other players. Every game or spin of the roulette wheel is in real time and you can have conversations with both the dealer and the other players around the table while the game is in progress.

Find your game

Which game do you choose to play? Yes, it is indeed a matter of taste. Many players prefer card games, while others, not least the many big caliber high roller players, have a greater penchant for roulette.

In any case, a rule would be that you are trying to experiment. For example, start at the poker table and play one or two hands. If this does not feel comfortable, you can always try your luck at roulette.

Live casino is there forever

Live casino is there forever. We can be in full agreement on this. It is the experience of playing against real live dealers and other live players that makes the live casino as popular as it actually is.

If you haven’t tried your luck in a live casino yet, it’s actually time you did now and do it now. You certainly won’t regret this.